Employee Portal - Login from LMS

Knowing the step-by-step to start viewing the courses on Buk.


We welcome you to the Buk employee portal! Here you will find courses that are part of your learning journey. We invite you to take a tour through all the sections on this portal. 

Steps to access. 

You should go to the URL of your training platform:  https://ejemplo.boostworld.com  or  https://ejemplo.buk.cl/capacitaciones.


Here you must login with Email, Username or login with the identifier, in this last case you must choose the type of identifier according to your country.

Then you must enter your identifier and finally you must enter your password and click log in again.

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Reproduction of a course

There are multiple options for starting a course. First, we can see the course on the employee’s LMS homepage. In this case, there are various ways to start a course. 

First, on the course homepage, clicking the Play button takes us to the course player.

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Clicking on the image or on More information displays the modal window. The modal window also enables the Play button which triggers the same behavior.

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As a final way to access the course player, you can use the "Pods" boxes, which are arranged in carousels in the overview. When you hover your mouse over a Pod, the actions to Play, Add to Favorites, and Activate Sound are enabled.

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When you click on the Play icon, the course starts playing.

Add to Favorites

To add to favorites there are two flows that can be performed: 

First of all, in the modal window there is the "Add to Favorites" button (plus sign enclosed in a circle).

The second flow is when hovering over the Pod. By doing this, the actions of play and add to favorites are enabled. 

Option 1: 

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Option 2: 

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In the following section "Recommended Courses" you will find the courses that were recommended by other users on the platform. To recommend, you may access the course and click on the recommend icon, select the user and click on the "Recommend" button below. The user to whom the course was recommended will see it in this section. 

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Access to My Evaluations

To access the Evaluations and Surveys section, the access is within the User Menu as "My Evaluations". By clicking on it, the user will be taken to their evaluations. There are 3 types of evaluations, which can be viewed in the menu where you can select which ones to display.

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Then when you click on "My Evaluations", the following access will open where you can see the pending and historical evaluations. 

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Continue watching

In the first position on the homepage you can see the "continue watching" carousel. This carousel shows the courses in which progress has been made. 

The progress bar indicates how far you have progressed in the course.

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Required Courses

In the second position, there will always be a carousel called "Required Courses." This section will show the courses that must be completed and have been assigned by the manager (mandatory). An indicator that a course is required is the label that can be seen on the courses belonging to that carousel 

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My learning plan is a section where as a employee you will be able to access the mandatory or optional content that is available within the platform. In the “Required Courses” section, you can find all the mandatory content assigned by your company's training manager. Here you will have the option to access the courses and view details, progress, duration, and expiration date. Additionally, If you have completed courses and obtained certificates, you can find them in this section below the upcoming expiration box.

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To learn more about this section we invite you to read the following article: My Learning Plan

Remember, if you need assistance or have any questions you can contact us through our chat or email. We are happy to help you!