The following article will guide you step-by-step to configure the "My projects" section correctly in the LMS.

“My projects” is an access which is found within “My learning program” and its function is to save courses that the employee wants to bookmark. 

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To add to favorites there are two flows that can be performed: 

Firstly, on the modal window of the course there is the add to "My Projects" button (a plus sign enclosed in a circle, that, when hovering over it, displays the text "Add to Projects").

The second flow is when hovering over the Pod. Doing so enables the Play and the Add to My Projects actions, with the same icon as in the modal window.

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“My Projects" view 


When you want to remove a video from “My Projects”, you can hover over the course, and you will see a button that, after being added to favorites, adapts and changes from a plus sign "+" to a minus sign "-". 
 This means that when you add it to projects, the button changes, and it is the same button that allows you to delete the course from this section.

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