In the following article we will guide you on how to configure the sending of reminder emails for pending evaluations within the in-person module.


In this section, you can configure the email reminders to remind participants to complete pending evaluations within the in-person module. To access, follow the path: USER>> MY COMPANY>>> MODULES>>> IN-PERSON (see images).

In the IMPACT MEASUREMENT section you can edit both the subject and the content (body) of an email as required. 


  • Measurement automation: it will be possible to enable the automatic measurement of courses loaded in the in-person module. Select the survey to be used according to the type of course. It is very important to remember that before performing this step, the survey must be elaborated in the IN-PERSON MODULE - SUB MODULE SURVEYS.

The subject and body can be configured for each of the available types of emails: (see images).

  • Emails  to participants:

  • Reminder to participants:

  • Emails to other evaluators:

  • Reminder to other evaluators:

It is important to SAVE CHANGES in order to see them reflected and executed on the platform.

Remember, if you need assistance or have any questions you can contact us through our chat or email. We are happy to help you!