In the following article we will guide you on how to create custom fields.


The custom field is a segmentation element for courses, employees, and trainings. Unlike custom categories, custom fields do not have predefined options. Instead, they serve as a central element that encompasses options that are not previously defined. See the example image

To access you must follow this path USER>> MY COMPANY>>> GENERAL>>> CUSTOM FIELDS.

Information on courses, employees and trainings may be classified. When you access the CUSTOM FIELDS section, a list with fields already created will be displayed. You may edit, delete or add a new field. (see image).

ADD NEW section 

Context: Select the context in which the custom field will be placed:

  • Courses

  • Employees

  • Training sessions:

Field type: Type of field to complete

  • Text

  • Text box

  • Date

  • Phone


Placeholder: Text displayed on the text box before completing the field. It disappears when you start filling in the field. 

Mandatory: Select whether it is mandatory to fill in the information requested in the field

Display in report views: Select whether to display the field information in the report. 

Validations: In order to minimize errors when the data is entered in a custom field, validation criteria can be added. When you press Add New, validation options will be displayed, among these you will find: 

  • Contains: The field information must contain the established character. 
  • Minimum length: The field information must have a minimum number of characters.
  • Maximum length:  The field information must have a set maximum number of characters.

In order to complete the creation of a new field, you should click on "CREATE AND EDIT."

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