In the following article you will learn how to download a

To download a TNA report by process go to Reports >> TNA >> By Process. 

When you click on by process, you will access the TNA Plan tracking report, where you will find:

  • General summary: All processes vs. planned: compares the budget that was planned to be spent for all training processes vs. the budget that was actually spent.

  • Courses completed: All courses vs. planned: compares the number of total courses that were taken vs. those courses that were planned to be taken. 

  • Employees: Active Payroll vs Planned: compares the number of employees effectively trained vs. the number of employees planned to be trained. 

  • Hours trained: Total hours allocated for training.

In the upper right corner, you can select a specific TNA process by choosing the year and then the process. 

Furthermore, in that same section, you can download the selected process report in Excel or PDF format. To do so, click on Excel Report and/or PDF Report.

Once you have selected the process, you can continue to scroll down and you will find a summary showing the following: 

  • Top 5 courses

  • Top 5 worst courses

  • Detail by course:

    • Course status

    • Planned people:

    • Trained people

    • Total cost

    • Responsible

    • Deadline

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